Bangwa Statue

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The Bangwa live in the grassland region of southwest Cameroon, which is inhabited by a large number of related peoples. The primary tribes of this area are the Bamileke, Bamum, and Bamenda Tikar. The Bangwa are one of the numerous smaller ethnic groups within the Bamileke complex. They are loosely affiliated with other groups in the complex, sharing many historical and political similarities while retaining their separate identity. Most Bangwa statues are royal portraits, which are kept in royal shrines along with the skulls of the ancestors. Frightening masks associated with the Night society are employed by the chief to maintain social order. Beautiful beadwork associated with the Fon is common throughout this area. The royal status of the statues was usually defined by their collars, necklaces, loin strings, and anklets, and the figures are usually depicted dancing and singing as at a funeral for a king. This particular statue is striking in the dynamic nature of the pose, which is especially evident in the profile view.

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