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The Asante, members of a large complex of Akan peoples in southeast Ivory Coast and southern Ghana, are known for their royal arts as well as for goldweights, and for the most famous of all Akan sculptures, the small female figures called Akua'ba. These dolls are consecrated by priests, and are carried by girls and women and treated like a real child. They are used to promote their ability to conceive and ensure the beauty of their offspring. Thus, the figures symbolize both fertility and the Asante ideal of beauty. This figure is a modern variation of the Akua'ba, and it is made with wood, brass, and detailed bead work. The female figure has the Adinkra symbol of "Gye Nyame" stamped into the brass forehead. This symbol means literally "Except for God", which is meant to communicate the supremacy of god. The male figure has two Adinkra symbols of "Sankofa" stamped into the brass forehead. This symbol means literally "Return and get it", which means to go back and learn from one's mistakes, and the importance of learning from the past. The price quoted is per each statue. -Robbins/Nooter

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