Makonde Carving of Masai Woman

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The Makonde belong to the Bantu people who originally lived south of Lake Nyassa and later migrated to their present location on the Mueda plateau in northern Mozambique. A great many also migrated across the Ruvuma River during colonial times to work on sisal farms in Tanzania, where they remain. Makonde carvers are prolific producers of masks, statues, and decorative objects. This woman was carved from a single piece of solid ebony wood. The color of the figures is not stained - the wood when polished yields a shiny black finish. This figure was carved with great sensitivity and detail, and it depicts a young Masai woman wearing traditional jewelry and coiffure. There is a softness in the features, however beneath that softness is strong sense of identity, one of the most appealing features of the Masai people. Ref.: Prestel, Phillips Ref.: Stepan

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