Bamileke Stool

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The grassland region of southwest Cameroon is a hilly and mountainous area covered by an equatorial forest in the south and a savannah in the north. Since its colonization by the Germans in 1884, this entire region, in particular the Bamileke, Bamun, and Tikar territories, has attracted the attention of Western scholars because of its artistic heritage. The Bamileke number 700,000 people and they are ruled by kings. This exquisitely carved stool was carved from a single piece of wood. The intricate geometry of the design actually symbolizes interlocking spiders, which are revered in Bamileke society as a symbol of wisdom. Because spiders live underground, they are viewed as a link between this world and that of their ancestors. In this regard, the spider motif used in the creation of the stool, which is literally a means of support, indicates a reverence and respect for those who have come before. These stools were traditionally used by royalty, and they served as prestige objects to enhance royal authority. -Bacquart

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