Asante Stool

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The Asante, members of a large complex of Akan peoples in southeast Ivory Coast and southern Ghana, are known for their royal arts as well as for goldweights, and for the most famous of all Akan sculptures, the small female figures called Akua'ba. The Asante are also famous for their ceremonial stools, which are carved with an arched seat set over a foot, referring to a proverb or a symbol of wisdom. Stools indicate status and power. As with most African art, the stools are carved from single piece of wood. Stools typically had designated users. They were understood to be the seat of the owner's soul and when not in use were leaned against a wall so that other souls passing by would not settle on it. This particular stool has extensive beadwork and metal plating, and faces outward on both sides. -Robbins/Nooter -Hamill

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